Hear Bell Workers’ Stories:

Bell penalizes technicians for inefficiencies beyond their control, pitting them against each other with threats of mandatory "Coaching for Success" supervision. Jim Fling, technician and Unifor Local 34-04 president, shares his experience.
In a 15-year career, Marc-André has connected Canadians. He now warns that job cuts could degrade service quality.
"After 18 years of service, Sonny Malhotra lost his job when Bell eliminated his entire unit. He now criticizes the 'performance plans' imposed on the employees he represents as president of Unifor Local 607. "
“The mental health of their employees is the last thing on their minds,” says Nicole Beard, a 30-year Bell veteran and union rep.
Drew Kerrigan, president of Unifor Local 42 and technician at Bell, notes that although the work environment for technicians has expanded, the allotted time has decreased and everything is micromanaged.
Bell workers took pay cuts to secure their jobs, yet BCE still made cuts despite earning billions, says Justin Connelly, Unifor Local 25 president.
After 17 years with Bell, Surbhi woke up one morning without a job. She is just one of the 6,100 workers that BCE terminated during an eight-month slash and burn period.
Bell claims to champion mental health but ignores its employees' well-being, explains Jeff Brohman, longtime Bell worker and president of Unifor's Telecommunications Council.