Hear Bell Workers’ Stories:

“For a company that talks about mental health, the mental health of their employees is the last thing on their minds,” says 30-year Bell employee Nicole. As Chief Steward of Unifor Local 6006 representing Bell clerical workers, Nicole says the firing of the women in her unit was cold and callous.

After 18 years of service, Sonny Malhotra lost his job when Bell eliminated his entire unit. Now, the remaining Bell workers that he represents as President of Unifor Local 607 face the threat of being placed on so-called ‘performance plans’ to monitor their productivity. Sonny believes if anyone should be on a performance plan, it should be Bell CEO Mirko Bibic.

President of Unifor Local 42 and a 27-year veteran Bell technician Drew Kerrigan says that while the scope of technicians’ work has expanded the time frame given to complete jobs has compressed, with every moment monitored and micromanaged.

“Bell wants to be the corporate champions of mental health but they don’t care about the mental health of their employees,” says long-time Bell worker and Chair of Unifor’s Unifor National Telecommunications Industry Council Jeff Brohman.

Bell Canada penalizes technicians for ‘inefficiencies’ beyond their control to pit workers against each other with the threat of the ‘Coaching for Success’ supervision program. Bell technician and Unifor Local 34-0 President Jim Fling shares his story.

Marc-Andre has taken pride in keeping Canadians connected during his almost quarter century working at Bell. Now he warns of the deterioration of customer service due to constant job cuts.

Bell workers took a pay cut to secure their position in the future but despite making billions BCE still eliminated jobs, says Justin Connolly, President of Unifor Local 25.